Cloudcor Today and Tomorrow

Today Cloudcor has dozen of employees in the USA and Canada. Cloudcor offers employment opportunities to qualified professionals from around the world and has a richly diverse work force. Cloudcor is privately held and debt free, and there are no plans for the company to go public or change ownership. The company's focus remains on producing excellent products and delivering exceptional service to users. We at Cloudcor believe that better information makes for better decisions. Our reputation is built on contributing our technical knowledge, special people, and valuable experience to cloud computing. Cloudcor Inc. on LinkedIn

Our Vision and Values

Over the years, a unique culture has evolved, a culture that is user focused and emphasizes a team-based approach. Our reputation is built on contributing our technical knowledge, special people, and valuable experience to cloud computing.


Cloudcor Inc™ provides a unique set of integrated solutions, by using proven expert best practices.

We assist organizations providing a high-quality & reliable alternative to in-house resources for a range of disciplines.

This includes:
  • ICT (Information & Communication Technology)
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Execution.

Cloudcor Inc™ is formed with a very strong technical methodology and framework driven foundation.

Our capabilities are global providing strategic solutions & best practice strategies targeted for all business, Government & public sector needs.

Through our innovative expertise, we precisely align to whatever your challenges may be. We provide a proven framework for companies seeking a quality partner to help them in today’s global markets.

Collaboratively, we create leading insights and directions for best practice utilization on some of the hottest topics within ICT;

To date, this has included significant accomplishments within the following areas;
  • Cloud Computing,
  • High Performance Computing,
  • Virtualization,
  • Converging Technology

We have created many successful and revolutionary initiatives, which have been realised through our industry-wide shared visions and objectives. We work with leading voices from within their industries to create best practices around the full spectrum of today‘s rapidly shifting global technology landscape.

Our specialty is understanding our client’s cycles and needs

We create a tailored strategy and execution program that best aligns to the overall objectives.

We deliver a precise roadmap to make every journey successful and rewarding.