Cloudcor Today and Tomorrow

Today Cloudcor has dozen of employees in the USA and Canada. Cloudcor offers employment opportunities to qualified professionals from around the world and has a richly diverse work force. Cloudcor is privately held and debt free, and there are no plans for the company to go public or change ownership. The company's focus remains on producing excellent products and delivering exceptional service to users. We at Cloudcor believe that better information makes for better decisions. Our reputation is built on contributing our technical knowledge, special people, and valuable experience to cloud computing. Cloudcor Inc. on LinkedIn

Our Vision and Values

Over the years, a unique culture has evolved, a culture that is user focused and emphasizes a team-based approach. Our reputation is built on contributing our technical knowledge, special people, and valuable experience to cloud computing.


At Cloudcor Inc™, we create recognised industry leading events and conferences.

We have been an industry pioneer and leading advocate for Virtual / Online events.

Through our vast internal and direct channels, we educate audiences consisting of the most influential professionals ranging across all vertical markets.

This includes senior level business decision makers, from leading enterprise organisations in the Private sector, as well as key influential policy makers and leaders from the Public & Government Sectors.

We have a dedicated internal team of experts who have helped to create our Flagship and widely coveted conference
CloudSlam® - The worlds premier virtual Cloud Computing conference.

Now in its third year, our the CloudSlam® initiative has demonstrated ground breaking conceptualization, supporting the trend away from conventional "physically hosted" tradeshows and events.

We have embraced new and exciting technology that creates a unique differentiation, enabling us to maintain a leadership role within this space.

Our Conference portfolio includes:


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CloudSlam® - The Worlds's Premier Cloud Computing event, was established in 2008 by a global alliance of professionals in cloud computing. Today, CloudSlam® is an international network of cloud computing thought leaders that links thousands of organisations and individuals in more than 80 countries around the world.


UP™, Conference

cloud computing company

UP™, - Virtual conference on upward trending best practices within Cloud Computing and ICT, was established in late 2009 with the inaugural launch taking place in November 2010.


Why Virtual Conferences?

Nowadays widespread business trends drive video conferencing and telepresence solutions, including globalization, cost consciousness, and a growing emphasis on “going green.”

And of course, the current economy may be the biggest driver yet, as more and more businesses are looking for ways to cut travel costs, without sacrificing collaboration and face to face meeting capabilities.

Least not forgetting acts of nature such as hurricanes, tornados or volcanoes.

Besides, business travel by air or car has environmental impact, releasing CO2 (aka carbon emissions) into the atmosphere, not to mention the productivity waste and hard travel costs. Many companies, schools and government agencies have instituted green initiatives that include reduced travel policies and mandatory telework.

The technology makes calculations based on each web conferencing participant's location and the standard emission rates for cars or planes. Not only can an individual see his or her immediate impact on the environment, a team can tally its total, as can an entire organization.

In fact, conference participants will save many pounds of carbon emissions from harming the environment so far. As more and more customers use the web conferencing, the savings will only grow.